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 Technological Characteristics of TESAC Ropes

Pretensinoning Equipment.
Capacity 5000kN

25m-high elevator testing tower

S.G Clamp(Swaged Socket)

Our company has been engaged since 1912 in the development of wire and rope manufacturing technology. Furthermore, in joint efforts with our customers, various application problems have been studied, resulting in improvement of the product. The aim of our many year’s efforts lies in the production of a rope which is easier in handling and longer in service life.

Our endeavors have established our position as the rope manufacturer with the leading technical level.

The ropes invented by our Company are numerous, such as “Sun Rope” or “Single Rope”. In addition to ordinary type ropes, our Company is manufacturing other types, including special ropes like “Locked Coil Rope”, “OMEGA FILLER ROPE”(the space among two strands and IWRC is filled with plastic rope) or “TRIPLE COATED ROPE”(Zn-AI alloy coated rope).

Based on accumulated technological experience and knowledge, our manufacturing facilities have installed a great quantity of modern equipment including a 72 inch type rope closing machine.

This is the largest unit of its type in the world. For example, it is possible to manufacture rope with a diameter of 200mm and a mass of 115 tons. Our records show that one rope 18000m in length was manufactured and delivered by our company.
In addition to normal rope applications, our ropes are used in oceanic exploitation, large buildings, etc…

Our company offers consulting services on special rope, extra-large diameter rope,etc…These services are required for application of wire rope and wire in new fields, and our delivered ropes are enjoying good reputations around the world.

Features of Our Products:

Unless otherwise specified, all our ropes are subjected to “preform” processing before laying, so that spiral form is given in advance.

Furthermore, in order to improve the strand tightening condition and strand contacting, the rope is pressed continuously by surrounding rollers, while laying is applied to the rope. This is called “postform” processing.

Accordingly, the following features are guaranteed:

  1. Even when the rope is cut off without applying a band, the cut section is not loosened.
  2. There is very little kinks.
  3. Since the flexibility is large, it can be wound around a drum with ease and the sheave diameter can be relatively small.
  4. Since durability to the bending is high, service life of the rope is long.
  5. Elongation by rope tightening is small while the modulus of elasticity is high. Since elongation is stabilized, the load is applied evenly when several ropes are used at the same time.
  6. The diameter change is small between the time when the load is applied and it is released. Even when placed under compression, it is not easily collapsed or broken down.
  7. The wires and strands hold good contact, and high uniformity is achieved.
Therefore, the load application is not concentrated on specific wires or strands.

Characteristics of our Manufacturing Facilities:

We have spared on efforts to modernize and increase the efficiency of our manufacturing facilities.

The largest production facilities, such as the 72 inch type rope closing machine, are being used. Also, various high performance inspection equipment as a 1500 ton press to attach swaged socket to rope ends, and a pretension facilities.

By use of such facilities, we are making incessant efforts to develop rope of better handing property and longer service life. The newest type of manufacturing facilities coupled with strict quality control, assure the production of rope with consistent and top quality.

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